The easiest way to enquire about a bespoke saddle fitting is to fill out the booking form on our website. The form can be found here.

We cover the whole of the UK, however, we may not be scheduled to visit your region immediately so booking is a necessity. Upon receipt of your booking form we will contact you to let you know when we will be in your area.
A saddle will probably be the most expensive item you will need to buy after the purchase of your horse! A saddle which is fitted correctly will ensure the ultimate comfort for both you and your horse. A badly fitting saddle can mean you don’t sit in a balanced position which can have a negative effect on your horse’s performance and in some extreme cases this can potentially cause physical damage to your horse.

Our commitment to you is to help you find a saddle which fits you and your horse correctly and ensure the ultimate comfort for you both… and we will always try to accommodate your budget!
Before we arrive with you we will firstly ask you a series of questions about you and your horse. What is your main type of riding, how experienced you are, information about your horse such as the breed, height, age, level of fitness etc. This is for us to establish what sort of saddles to bring to your fitting.

On the day of your appointment we will visit you at the arranged address. Please ensure your horse is brushed and there is an area to walk, trot and canter, if you are trying jumping saddles it is important to have a jump set up.

If there is more than one person who regularly rides the horse it is beneficial that all riders are present.

Please ensure you have your bridle, girth, irons and leathers and the numnah you intend to use under the saddle.

We will do an assessment of your horse/pony. We will ask for them to be led by hand so we can look for straightness, any lameness or soreness to the back. If your horse is showing any signs of these we will ask you to get your horse checked by a vet before we can begin the fitting process.

We will bring several saddles to be tried on. Initially they will be tried on ungirthed for fit. Once a correctly fitting saddle is established we will ask you to try the saddle in walk, trot and canter and over jumps if required. We will be watching for any slipping or excessive movement of the saddle, the horses’s movement and overall expression, the rider’s position and balance.

If you feel you would like your instructor to be present at the fitting this can be helpful as they know your horse and its overall freedom movement.

Once a saddle is correctly fitted and you are happy with it you can purchase it on the day. We do offer customisation of saddles such as different coloured leather, stitching colour, diamanté, patent leather etc. These do carry extra charges which can be quoted on the day. If you are wanting customisation your saddle will take approximately three weeks to be made.
  1. Height, age, breed of the horse and its level of fitness
  2. If the horse has low, normal, high, or high and hollow withers
  3. Height and weight of the rider
  4. Approximate budget for your saddle
  5. Your location.
  1. Ensure your horse has no soreness to the back or lameness.
  2. Please have your bridle, girth, irons and leathers and the numnah you intend to use under the saddle at the appointment. And don’t forget your riding hat!
  3. If you are intending to jump in the saddle is it beneficial to have a jump set up.
  4. Ensuring your instructor is available should you want them present.
  5. Availability of any other riders who ride the horse regularly.
After you have purchased your new saddle it will require checking in approx. four to six weeks depending how much you ride.

If your horse changes shape due to diet or increase or decrease in work it is important to get the fitting of the saddle checked.

We advise you get your saddle checked every six months.
To book a saddle fitting please use the booking form