Galaxy dressage

A dressage saddle with large external blocks. This saddle has a slightly more forwards cut flap than standard dressage saddles (straighter cut available to order)This flap suits riders of wider horses as it allows the rider to use a leg position that puts less pressure on their hips. Available in soft covered hide as standard or extra grippy calf skin, suede, buffalo or nubuck to order. On a laminated wooden hoop tree (adjustable by a saddle fitter) as standard, other shape trees to order. Wool flocked for further adjustment. Flap length to suit horse and rider. Double or Monoflap available. Girthing to suit,either long or short girth straps (only long girth straps with mono style) Panel shape and length to suit, can do shorter panel on longer seat for short backed horses. Black and brown as standard other colours to order.

Standard covered hide £1550 Calf skin etc saddle. £1650 Serge panel add. £100 Customised piping etc add £100-£300

Seat sizes 16” to 18” as standard larger sizes to order – generally we have a lot of standard saddles in stock, if we have to order a saddle it takes approx four to five week to arrive.