Chunky Monkey Saddles was founded by Samantha Rhodes who has over 10 years fitting saddles and has been in the equestrian business for over 30 years. Chunky Monkey Saddles specialises in saddles for cobs, natives and curvy horses and ponies of any breed.

Many riders struggle to find a saddle to fit their chunky monkey and for example we have often seen riders having to jump in a straighter cut saddle due to their inability to find a jumping saddle to fit their larger breed.

We work closely with our saddle manufacturer to develop innovative designs which fit correctly according to the type of riding you enjoy, whether it be jumping, dressage or general hacking out.

Made in the UK

All Chunky Monkey saddles are handmade in England from the best quality English leather and are flocked with soft wool flocking. All the saddles are made with adjustable trees.

Our saddles can customised for an individual fit, for example, shorter panel lengths for shorter backs, wider seat for the larger rider, different flap lengths etc etc. We also offer many options of design from stitching colour, individually designed cantles and different leather options.

We keep over 100 saddles in stock to ensure when we arrive at the appointment we have various options for you to try, ensuring we give you the best service and most importantly that you receive a saddle which fits you and your horse correctly.

We cover most areas of the UK, email us for further information and to find out when we will be in your area.

To book a saddle fitting please use the booking form